For anyone who enjoys watching real horse racing, the thrill and excitement of the event is one of the major draws. That excitement can be translated into a game for those who want the fun of horse racing all year round. And if you’re into betting on the outcome of events like the Grand National or Cheltenham Festival at Timeform, simulation versions of the races could give you a boost when you’re picking horses to bet on at the real thing. Here are three popular favourites among horse racing fans.

Gallop Racer

While it will take you back a few platforms, Gallop Racer is still one of the best horse racing video games to hit the market. Originally created for the arcades, it’s a game that requires players to invest a bit of time into it initially, but they’ll wind up with hours of fun in the long-term. The game is set in Gallop Racing Square, a horse racing theme park where players can create their own horses and race them. The game is surprisingly good for learning more about horse racing and the industry too, while helping you to get to grips with aspects of the sport such as betting and stats, so it’s beneficial for watching real world horse racing too. There are several editions of this game too for players looking to level up their skills.


Raceclubs is an online game where you become a virtual race horse owner, getting to train and feed your horses and race them in real race times. Throughout the game you can grow a stable of champion horses and design your own racing silks, among other things. The game allows you to assess the performance of each of your horses and work on their fitness, as well as determining their best category and track surface. There are trophies and cash prizes to win, as well as Championships to take part in with other players where you can make your way onto the leader board when you’re successful. The game also has add-on features where you can deposit cash into your gaming account to buy extra horses, if you want to.

 G1 Jockey

Another video game franchise that was highly praised for giving fans the opportunity to experience horse racing from a jockey’s perspective, G1 Jockey was made for several platforms including the Nintendo Wii and has quick training modes and career modes to have a go at. The real highlight of this game though is the attention to detail you can develop when it comes to the strategy of racing and the characteristics of the horses. Some of the horses are front runners while others are better off being held back until the perfect moment, all of which players can learn as they go through the game. G1 Jockey gives players an insight into life as a jockey and how real life horse racing takes place, and it remains one of the best horse racing games of all time for this very reason.



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