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Welcome to the world full of excitement and heart-racing moments!  Don’t you just feel the thrill by just watching the horses from afar while they compete for victory? Surely you do, however, enjoyment isn’t just what you are after, are you? Since horse racing competitions are also known for stakes at hand and betting.

The 2019 Preakness Stakes Betting is only a short distance away, and if you are an individual who has just shown interest in this sport, and you are worrying over winning, then you just stumbled at the right place.  Following these tips will help budding newcomers like you to stick with a strategy to have a potential win in the long term. 

Do Your Homework

Did you think that you’ll just be betting your money away and blindly take the risk and bet? If you want to succeed on winning a bet then there’s one thing that you should do first, and that is to do your homework. Meaning, the key to a successful horse racing betting strategy is to gather data that is available to you. 

Your homework is about gathering data and is implementing it through combining what you see on paper and with what you see personally on the race track. This facet of any horse racing betting strategy highlights the importance of not jumping straight into taking the risks of betting. Instead, you should take it slow and watch races and see what numbers of winning horses had an advantage in, and which were those less significant.

In addition to this, you should also find out the impact of trainers, the training, jockeys, and bloodlines on each of the horse’s success. In this way, you will be able to get a feel on which horse is worthy of taking a chance before you start betting on horse racing. After this, you can now begin testing your findings by betting on races.

Consistent Evaluation

Nothing ever stays the same, which is why even to those who are experienced in horse race betting, they still evaluate results every now and then, and that goes the same to the new players too. Your bets are fueled by the information that you have, and since the initial data evaluation that you have gathered will be far from the last time, you should re-evaluate the information. 

This is a continuous process with constant adjustments being made, from the way you prioritize the different factors into making decisions on horse race betting picks. Now, if you are wondering about what adjustments we’re talking about then here are some:
•    Weighing the piece of information by adding priority to some factors while decreasing the stock
•    Eliminating some of the original methods or add new pieces if there’s a noticeable emerging trend. 

Above all those mentioned, one should exercise flexibility so that you could adapt easily to the changes and adjustments needed for success since willingness to make frequent adjustments makes one successful in betting in the long run 

Staking Strategy

The rule of the thumb in staking it is a good idea to bet no more than 5 percent of your total bankroll on any given race. However, this really goes down to your personal preference, but betting a percentage of the total of your bankroll might be the easiest method to limit your losses and keep an eye on your progress.

The most important rule here is to remain disciplined to your strategy and structure. Remember to also trust your guts, meaning, if you have staked an amount which makes you sweat bullets then you have probably bet too much. 

Additionally, experiencing consecutive losses is bound to happen, which is why remaining disciplined to your staking method will make losing less severe in a losing streak. Lastly, your decrease in bankroll means a decrease in the sizes of your bets, which means that you still have hope to stay in the game longer and bounce back quickly.

Develop a System

Take you wagering to the next level by developing a system. Now that you have come up with data sets for evaluating horse race betting and handicapping races, use it to develop a horse racing betting system. 

This method will merge pre-race data with post-race trends for you to find the most favorable situation to play. Examples of betting systems include playing horses with certain ages, or any other factor that most bettors wouldn’t think off. In this way, this system will be your to go-to information where you can use it to illuminate scenarios if there is a wagering situation that is of clear advantage to you. 


By having a clear strategy, your losses will not be as dreadful as when you will just jump straight out a bet on any race as you could. Following these suggestions as your strategy, you will surely be on an advantage for the 2019 Preakness Stakes Betting. Of course, just remember that there are no perfect numbers or information —just a strategy that can stir you away from major losses as a beginner.


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