Phumelela representatives told the committee that the grooms’ hostel facilities were leased to racehorse trainers, who were the direct employers of the grooms and  responsible for their wellbeing.

Siza Khampepe, a director at Phumelela, told the committee that it was not responsible for the grooms’ living conditions.

“After a lengthy discussion with the committee, it was agreed that there were shortcomings in the living conditions of the horse grooms and action needed to be taken to address these,” said the committee.

“Phumelela also informed the committee that plans were in place to improve the living conditions.

“The committee’s main concern is to ensure that all relevant laws are complied with.”

The committee told Phumelela and the grooms’ associations to work closely with racehorse trainers to resolve challenges in the industry.

It also wants the conditions of the grooms’ employment to be improved, including compliance with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).


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