The Erbil International Equestrian Club is hosting races on Monday as part of a festival to celebrate Kurdistan Flag Day.

Thirty-eight jockeys from Kurdistan and Iraq will take part in the event. They have been training daily.

“We practice every morning. We have strong competition on Fridays or Tuesdays. We work according to the trainers’ guidelines,” said jockey Omer Waheed.

Equestrian experts will be present at the festival.

“We have a good preparation. We have great confidence to compete,” said jockey Haidar Eidan.

There are five races ranging between 1,200-1,650 meters.

“God willing, we will be successful for our horse owners and trainers. I am well prepared,” said jockey Hatam Basim.

The winner of each race will be awarded $5,000. The ‘Kurdistan Flag’ finale race winner will be awarded a car.


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