OSAF is proud to announce the renewal of the sponsorship agreement with Keeneland for a five-year term, from 2019 till 2023, by which the internationally renowned racecourse and the Thoroughbred industry’s leading auction house supports OSAF ́s activities.

OSAF is the Organización Sudamericana de Fomento del Pura Sangre de Carrera (South American Organization for the Promotion of Thoroughbred).

Located in Kentucky (USA) – also known as the “Horse Capital of the World” – Keeneland was founded in 1936 by a group of horsemen. Keeneland’s mission is to continually invest in the industry and to preserve the tradition of Thoroughbred racing. Today, Keeneland continues to be guided by its original mission, taking a leadership role in the industry to improve safety, promote integrity and strengthen the sport of racing.

A Global Leader in the Thoroughbred Industry, Keeneland is the world’s largest and most prominent Thoroughbred auction house and hosts world-class racing twice annually during its boutique Spring and Fall meetings. Owners, trainers, riders and fans from all over the world travel to Lexington each year to participate at Keeneland.

Keeneland’s mission to perpetuate the sport of racing continues more than eight decades after its founding, as profits from Keeneland racing and sales are returned to the industry and community through such initiatives as:

· Racingpurses

· Global market development- Keeneland is committed to the growth of the Thoroughbred industry and the buying bench at its annual auctions and actively travels to more than 25 countries and making large investments to expand the marketplace.

· Industry initiatives – Keeneland proudly supports safety initiatives and equine organizations and is an advocate for Thoroughbred aftercare to improve the health of the industry.

· Fan development – Keeneland is committed to the growth of the industry’s fans and future participants. Each race meet creates racing fans of all ages, exemplified by the Keeneland Kids Club which exceeds 10,000 members. Record crowds and daily attendance underscore Keeneland’s commitment to fan development.

· Local community – Proudly serving as a leader in Central Kentucky, Keeneland is committed to the community it serves. Keeneland’s founders established this community activism which continues to this day, as Keeneland has donated millions to local charities, as well as health and educational programs. Intended as a gathering place for the local community, Keeneland hosts hundreds of charitable and private events annually.

MoreinformationinKeenelandofficialwebsite: www.keeneland.com

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