Each week, this important article will provide the standings, power rankings, and recent transactions for every league member. Not only will you see the latest claims in the league (which will show you what horses might be up-and-coming), but you will also get updates on the runners as they prepare for their next starts along the Kentucky Derby Trail. Let’s take a look at how things are shaping up after all of the action last weekend and the first round of claims:

Current Standings

Ranking Team Score Current Team Members
1 Mike “Saratoga Slim” Spector 20 Instagrand, Kingly, Mind Control, Federal Case, Tight Ten
2 Aaron Halterman 10 Mucho Gusto, Gunmetal Gray, Long Range Toddy, Bankit, Cornacchia
3 Jon White/Ryan Stillman 0 Improbable, Network Effect, War of Will, Trophy Chaser, Tale of the Union
4 Patrick “Mad Dog” Meagher 0 Signalman, Code of Honor, Elvis, Knicks Go, Rowayton
5 The Magic Mike Team 0 Mucho, Moretti, Plus Que Parfait, Award Winner, Arcaro
6 Brandon “B$” Bauer (-9) Coliseum, Galilean, King for a Day, Tacitus, Global Campaign
7 Dan “Wise Dan” Waite (-10) Maximum Mischief, Uncle Benny, Mr. Money, Bourbon War, Nolo Contesto
8 Paul “Free Beers” Withrow (-10) Game Winner, Super Steed, US Navy Cross, Anothertwistafate, Cairo Cat
9 Jared Welch (-20) Roadster, Gun It, Standard Deviation, Kentucky Wildcat, Gray Attempt
10 The Fans: Austin and Bones (-20) Vekoma, Big Scott Daddy, Lookin At Bikini’s, Royal Marine, Mihos

Recent Claims

There are 8 claims to announce this week:

  • In a six-way shake: Brandon claimed Global Campaign and dropped LeBron J
  • In a three-way shake: The Fans claimed Mihos and dropped Complexity
  • In a two-way shake: Dan claimed Nolo Contesto and dropped Call Paul
  • Jared claimed Gray Attempt and dropped Frosted Ice
  • Jared claimed Standard Deviation and dropped Fortin Hill
  • The Fans claimed Big Scott Daddy and dropped Magic On Tap
  • Paul claimed Anothertwistafate and dropped Value Play
  • Aaron claimed Cornacchia and dropped Cruel Intention

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Power Rankings

1. Jon White/Ryan Stillman – This team remains #1 for the second straight week, mostly because of their first overall draft pick, Improbable. They also had a nice second-place performance in the $100,000 Mucho Macho Man Stakes from Trophy Chaser.

2. Mike “Saratoga Slim” Spector – Saratoga Slim is the early leader in the clubhouse after Mind Control took home the $150,000 Jerome Stakes on New Year’s Day at Aqueduct. This team’s main hope for winning most likely rests on the shoulders of Instagrand, who continues to train very well leading up to his comeback.

3. Jared Welch – The defending champion now sits in last place after two claims to start the year. However, Gray Attempt seems to have tremendous upside, which could lead to that being a great claim. This team already had a great start to the league when the 11th overall pick, Gun It, broke his maiden in style at Fair Grounds. It won’t be easy to take down the champ.

4. Aaron Halterman – Gunmetal Gray picked up a big win in the Grade 3 Sham Stakes, which was a bit unexpected. The team also picked up Cornacchia during the first round of claims, which could give him a solid presence at Fair Grounds.

5. The Magic Mike Team – There is nothing new to report this week for the Magic Mike Team. They tried to claim two horses but lost both shakes. It looks like Plus Que Parfait will be their first runner when he makes a start in the Grade 3 LeComte Stakes next weekend.

6. Patrick “Mad Dog” Meagher – Patrick didn’t get off to the kind of start that he was looking for when his star horse Code of Honor finished off the board in the $100,000 Mucho Macho Man Stakes. He still has a decent roster to work with, though.

7. Dan “Wise Dan” Waite – Last year’s last-place finisher made some progress in this week’s Power Rankings. He made a solid claim when picking up Nolo Contesto, and he also has a top prospect in Maximus Mischief. For now, this looks like an improved team.

8. Brandon “B$” Bauer – Last Saturday did not go well for B$ as Coliseum struggled to an off-the-board finish in the Grade 3 Sham Stakes. However, he did win a six-way shake for Global Campaign, which is very good news. He can bounce back if Coliseum improves.

9. The Fans: Austin and Bones – The Fans move up a spot after having an excellent week in the claiming department. They picked up Big Scott Daddy and Mihos, who will be useful horses, and they also have Royal Marine running on Thursday at Meydan Race Course in Dubai.

10. Paul “Free Beers” Withrow – It was a rough first claiming day for Free Beers. He put in for three horses, but only got one: Anothertwistafate. The problem with this team is that none of his other horses are currently on the work tab. Look for Paul to be busy with claims, unless some of his horses get back to work soon.


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