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Chautauqua’s jump from the barriers at Flemington on Friday morning has been given the tick of approval by Racing Victoria stewards, but there is no decision on the grey sprinter’s immediate future.

The popular eight-year-old left the gates with his three fellow triallers at 6:36am and stewards later confirmed Chautauqua had officially taken one step towards being reinstated as a racehorse.

“He certainly came down from Sydney with a different attitude this time,” co-trainer Wayne Hawkes said.

“I haven’t worked with him for a month or so or even longer and I saw a remarkable difference in his attitude. Not switched on, but just more focussed I suppose.”

Hawkes, however, was careful not to get too carried away as there is no date set for a mandatory second trial, which the grey needs to complete to the stewards’ satisfaction before the path can be cleared for him to continue his racing career.

“We’re always big on the horse telling us and there is no point putting the cart before the horse with this bloke, especially because you can’t plan too far ahead,” Hawkes said.

“Now we’ve ticked the first box, we’ve got to talk to the stewards and see what our options are.

“The bottom line is, the dream hasn’t died.”

WATCH: Chautauqua’s successful jump

There are no official trials listed in Melbourne over the next few weeks but co-owner Rupert Legh told RSN927’s Racing Pulse that the Moonee Valley Racing Club had offered to stage a trial before or during either of their upcoming night meetings at The Valley on September 28 or October 5.

Legh also confirmed that The Everest is still some chance for horse once rated the world’s premier sprinter as he has been in discussions with the final slot-holder, Max Whitby, about Chautauqua’s potential to make the $13 million race in three weeks.

Hawkes, however, said the dust would settle before any decisions are made.

“It’s only one jumpout,” he said. “We’ve got a few more big hurdles to jump yet but it’s certainly a step in the right direction because if he didn’t jump, he would have been in the paddock, simple as that.

“So, there’s still hope for the Chautauqua followers yet.

“It was great that he jumped. Everything has been good and there’s been a lot of hard work in the last month from everyone in Sydney and I am just the recipient of their good work as he’s only been here a few days.

“There weren’t any nerves because the thing is, he was either going to do it or not and there was not much you could do about that but I suppose it was a pleasant relief.

“I’ve never seen so many people excited about a jumpout in my life.

“You don’t know what to expect with Chautauqua. We’ve seen him do some unbelievable things on the racetrack and we’ve seen him do some seriously wrong things on the racetrack so you never know what you are going to get.”  

WATCH: Chautauqua’s jumpout


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