We simply can’t stress enough how impressive this is

Let’s be honest here, the average person doesn’t know too much about horse racing.

Sure they probably pretend to be an expert when Cheltenham rolls around every year, but come on, they’re not fooling anybody.

And we’re not claiming to be know-it-alls on the subject either, but we know class when we see it.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is pure class.

Mikey Sweeney was riding the Declan Queally trained “Ask Heather” at the Killeagh Point to Point in Cork on Sunday afternoon, when he got into a spot of bother right at the last hurdle.

Sweeney began to fall off the horse, and looked like he was going to be in some real trouble, before some Spider-Man like reflexes kicked in and he managed to hop back on.

Seriously, watch this, it’s incredible:

Thanks to IRISRacing for the video.

He went from looking like he was going to face a serious injury, to climbing back on top of the horse and then somehow managing to win the race.

Class stuff altogether.

Mikey Sweeney from Waterford, we tip our jockey hat to you, sir.


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