Thoroughbred Racing Commentary’s Geir Stabell interviews Per-Anders Gråberg, a top jockey in Sweden who rides throughout Europe, about the varying whip use rules in different countries.

While Gråberg is opposed to flagrant use of the riding crop, he believes outlawing the whip entirely would be dangerous for the sport. He specifically discusses the strict rules in Norway, which only allow whips in juvenile races.

“In Sweden, we are allowed to hit the horse three times, and that’s enough in my opinion,” Gråberg tells Stabell . “Here we cannot even carry a whip. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in favor of mad whipping. I hate it as much as anyone when I see a rider using the whip ferociously on an unplaced horse. But the whip is still important. I would rather go out there without my breeches than without my whip. I may need it. The breeches I can do without.

“A couple of years ago, I rode a horse here (in Norway) that failed to turn – we went straight through the outside rail. I broke three ribs and got sidelined.”

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