Today’s Birthday, January 11: Australian singer Daryl Braithwaite (1949 – ).

For a cover song released close to 30 years ago Australian singer Daryl Braithwaite still has fans screaming the lyrics of The Horses verbatim.

“I have no answer as to why it has become more popular,” he told Music Feeds.

“But it’s good. I mean, I still love it with a passion and I love the fact that people react to it the way they do.”

Braithwaite and his twin brother Glenn were born in 1949 in Melbourne.

He started singing in the school choir and was in the same class as Olivia Newton-John.

When he was teenager his family moved to Coogee in Sydney.

After high school he started an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner, which he left to pursue music.

Braithwaite joined Sherbet at age 21 as the second vocalist before taking over the lead as the band enjoyed their first Top 40 hit with Can You Feel It Baby.

He had a solo career when Sherbet briefly broke up before they reformed in 1980. Four years later, the band called it quits again.

Braithwaite’s solo comeback came in the early 1990s when he released a number of hits including The Horses, which was a cover of a Rickie Lee Jones recording.

His former managers sued him in 1992 for a back-payment of fees and he had to give up money made from albums Edge and Rise.

He took an extended break before becoming active again in 2005, releasing his own music and singing on two new Sherbs tracks.

Sony re-signed Braithwaite in 2013 and the random resurgence of Horses has since seen him become a regular at festivals and horse racing events across Australia.

Despite being in the music industry for close to 50 years, he named his performance at the 2017-18 Falls Festival as the favourite show of his career.

“We looked around and said ‘gee, there are a lot of young people here … even the bands are young!’,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“But it was just so uplifting and amazing. I’ll always reflect on that as being a pivotal moment.”

He was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2017.


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