An Australian race horse owner has copped a hefty ban after officials realised he’d given his horse a pretty gnarly name.

The story goes that managing owner Stuart Ruse registered his filly in the name Andiamo Fica, with the horse making her racing debut on September 4.

But, with Racing Australia rules requiring all racing horse names to be approved by a registrar, stewards quickly realised that rather than being a meaningful, Italian moniker, “Andiamo Fica” directly translated to “Let’s Go C**t”.

Though he pleaded his innocence, Racing NSW found Ruse guilty of “conduct prejudicial to the interests and/ or image of racing” as well as “providing false evidence” to race officials and disqualified him for 18 months.

Andiamo Fica will not be allowed to race until her name has been changed and approved by Racing NSW.



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