The fire is very close to the far side of the track and officials are worried that visibility will

A commentator said: “Fire crews are there but that is very close to the far side of the track which is meant to be used in the next two races.

“At the moment that fire has taken off.”

Great Yarmouth Races tweeted: “A grass fire in proximity to the bend leaving the back straight is currently being monitored to ensure sufficient visibility.

“Race three will be delayed as a result.”

Vasts amount of smoke engulfing the surrounding areas of Great Yarmouth races with the fire still yet to be put out.

Worried racegoers have taken to social media to understand what is going on.

Sarah Lynn tweeted: “Great Yarmouth any idea what’s caused this fire not far from Great Yarmouth racecourse?”

Derek Thompson tweeted: “Big fire at outside of track here at Great Yarmouth!”

Great Yarmouth Races recently tweeted to say: “Following inspection, race three (18:20) will take place shortly. We will continue to monitor the situation, and update throughout the evening.”

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