The UK Grand National is among the Brits favorite racing festivals, with more than 15 million people betting on the event every year. Official sponsor of the horse racing event, Betway conducted a survey of 5,000 of its horse racing customers to find out how people choose the horse to bet on.

Graphic by Tom Clee/Tom Bowles

According to the survey, the 46 percent of the respondents claimed that they are looking for an emotional connection when choosing their horse, while the 49 percent back horses priced between 16-1 and 25-1 odds. As expected, punters with 14 percent of the vote consider #7 as the luckiest number and blue the most popular silk color with 27 percent.

Moreover, British celebrity Neil “Razor” Ruddock was sent in the street of Liverpool to investigate “all the weird and wacky ways punters – both casual and hardcore – pick their winners.”

What do locals say?


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