A project that hopes to take horse racing to the streets next year in major metro areas got a boost Wednesday with a trial run at a British racecourse.

According to the Racing Post, both trainers and jockeys gave a thumbs up to the exhibition, which took place at Aintree, where a temporary three-furlong artificial surface was set up for the test run. Three demonstration races took place, each including eight horses racing at half-speed, The surface, Equaflow, is designed to provide cushion on top of pavement.

The City Racing Group hopes to put on a pair of races in 2019 in two major cities. The sites are expected to be announced in January.

“This is by no means the finished product. We’ll learn a lot from this and today is primarily about reassurance, to show we can race eight horses comfortably,” said City Racing CEO Peter Phillips, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

“I think it will really appeal to millennials – a younger, urban audience for whom racing doesn’t normally figure in their leisure time,” said Paul Fisher of the British Jockey Club, part owner of City Racing.

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