The new Kentucky HBPA website can be reached through KyHBPA.org, KentuckyHBPA.org, KyHBPA.com and KentuckyHBPA.com

The Kentucky HBPA has launched a redesigned website, kyhbpa.org, along with its latest social-media initiative, #KyBCKids, as part of the organization’s mission to serve horsemen and promote thoroughbred racing.

The Kentucky HBPA, a division of the National Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association, represents about 6,000 thoroughbred owners and trainers and is the only organization negotiating contracts at all five thoroughbred tracks in the commonwealth. One of its expanding missions is to promote Kentucky horses, horsemen and racing as well developing strategies to attract new fans and participants, especially millennials.

Owners and trainers racing in Kentucky now can join the Kentucky HBPA by filling out an online form on the new kyhbpa.org website. All owners and trainers who run a horse in the state automatically are represented by the Kentucky HBPA. However, there are additional benefits available to those signing up for full membership, which is free.

In addition to information about horsemen’s benefits and the organization’s officers and board, the website has been expanded to provide printable forms to apply for benefits and Kentucky racing licenses; the most recent posts on the Kentucky HBPA’s Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Social media channels; a calendar with Kentucky racing dates and notable events, as well as news pertaining to the industry.

The new website started as a collaboration between the Kentucky HBPA and the University of Louisville College of Business’ computer information systems department with prototypes developed by teams of senior CIS students under the supervision of associate professor Dr. Sandeep Goyal.

Lee Ann Lyle, owner of website developer LAL Computers, completed the site and is overseeing ongoing enhancements. The website can also be accessed through kentuckyhbpa.org, kyhbpa.com and kentuckyhbpa.com.

#KYBCKids is a spinoff of the Kentucky HBPA’s well-regarded Twitter initiative #KyDerbyKids, where the sons and daughters of Derby horsemen are enlisted to tweet about the experience using the #KyDerbyKids hashtag. In the current venture, millennials associated with horses running in the Breeders’ Cup at Churchill Downs on Nov. 2-3 will share their experiences on Twitter by using the hashtag #KyBCKids.

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“We have made it a priority to promote our horses, horsemen and sport,” said Marty Maline, the Kentucky HBPA’s executive director. “The new website and #KyBCKids are our latest steps. With the Breeders’ Cup coming to Churchill Downs for the first time since 2011, we have an opportunity with social media to reach out to the generation we all want to attract to our tracks and sport by showing the excitement, energy and fun of horse racing through the eyes of their peers who enjoy the ultimate front-row seats.

“While we found out, sometimes the hard way, just how much we didn’t know about website development, engaging in the venture with the University of Louisville was a win-win for us all. The U of L seniors’ groundwork helped us focus on what we needed, what is practical and provided the genesis of what we think is one of the best websites for a horsemen’s organization — and one that will continue to evolve.”

For the third year, the Kentucky HBPA is teaming with Kentucky Downs and Ellis Park to provide supplemental news content about Kentucky horses and horsemen in the Breeders’ Cup. The material, with an emphasis on video interviews, is produced by veteran turf journalist Jennie Rees and available at no charge to media outlets. Rees is publicity director for Kentucky Downs and Ellis Park and works for the Kentucky HBPA as a communications specialist.

“In this era of shrinking news resources, we’re proud to again team with two of our partner tracks to provide quality content to the media to ensure that our horses are showcased on racing’s biggest global stage,” Maline said.


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