To the editor:

I’m writing in regard to Heather Bellow’s excellent article in the May 28 Eagle about the possibility of thoroughbred horse racing returning to Great Barrington. I was very active in the years-long effort to outlaw dog racing in Massachusetts, which was ultimately successful in 2008. We didn’t want the cruelty that’s inherent in dog racing to exist in our state. And now horse racing might return to Berkshire County. It’s a kick in the gut. Although commanding more money than dog racing, horse racing is just as inherently cruel.

     The last paragraph of Ms. Bellow’s article quoted a Ms. d’Alessandro as saying, “The awful part about gambling on something that’s alive, is that the thing that is alive becomes a vehicle for profit.” I add that no matter how much those who like horse racing and try to minimize the cruelty may talk about there being only “one or two bad apples” amongst unscrupulous owners/trainers, the fact is that there are way more than one or two and that cruelty and neglect are rampant in the industry.

No horse deserves this, and we dread it returning to Berkshire County. No amount of money, for individuals or for the county, is worth it.

Cathleen Groves,


The writer is a member, Berkshire Voters for Animals.

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