Tim Ritvo addressed locals’ concerns about a new racetrack in Lancaster, Ma.

Local residents of Lancaster, Ma. had a chance to address The Stronach Group’s Tim Ritvo at a Town Hall meeting on Monday evening, according to lowellsun.com, and several expressed concerns over the plan to build a new racetrack in the area.

The basic concept of the facility off Route 70 is enveloped in a 350-acre space, of which the track would take up 100 acres. The rest would be able to be developed for retail or other commercial uses. Ritvo touted the potential to bring several hundred jobs to the area, as well as an estimated $500,000 in tax revenue.

Residents were concerned about traffic problems and environmental contamination, as well as the health of the horse racing industry as a whole. Ritvo assured them that The Stronach Group’s plans were subject to change, and could be adjusted to address some of those concerns. He also stated that a casino was not a part of the current proposal.

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