Blogger Carleigh Fedorka is deeply immersed in the Thoroughbred racing industry and is an avid proponent of Thoroughbreds in second careers. Having worked hands-on in the foaling, care and sales of hundreds of Thoroughbreds, Carleigh is keenly aware of what a fragile position a horse can be in once it retires from racing.

Though she has watched and been a part of hundreds of foalings, Carleigh fell in love with a spunky bay colt named Bode five years ago. The colt entered the world with a bang after a rough delivery, surprising everyone with his zest for life.

Though not the most well-bred or the best mover, Carleigh was enamored with his personality. After she moved from the farm on which Bode was born, she made sure to see him before he sold at the Keeneland September sale, noting that he had turned into a very handsome colt.

He sold for $150,000 and over the next few years Carleigh made sure to let everyone affiliated with the horse know that she wanted him when he retired from racing. She followed his racing career, but then lost track of him when he stopped working.

Through a friend’s Internet digging, Bode was located and Carleigh contacted his owner, who said he thought the horse was ready to retire and that he planned to sell him. Carleigh bought Bode back and is intent on giving him the best retirement he can have, whether that includes a riding future or a job as a babysitter for younger generations of Thoroughbreds.

Read more about Carleigh’s commitment to helping Thoroughbreds that retire from racing find a soft place to land at her blog, A Yankee in Paris.


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