Prop: #1 Propaganda: I did some research about Prop #1, that will be on the ballot in Nov., It appears that their are many benefits to schools, local fairs and a host of good news for Idaho’s economy. When the politicians rejected Horse Racing, that eliminated $50,000,000.00 out of our economy, and thousands of jobs. I wondered why? Now I know after examining the oppositions website. I found that here are the folks putting up the money to oppose #1, with their TV ads. Guess who! Cour d L Alene Indian Casinos and the CEO of the Indian Association, Cactus Petes, Nevada Gaming Association, Washington Indian Gaming, Association, Courde Alene Chamber of Commerce!! Our Glory’s politician, Brent Hill, who receives donations from the tribes to oppose #1, the failed Gov., candidate Mr. Balukoff, this guy should know better,he was on the school board, and if prop. #1 fails the schools won’t receive the $600, 000 that they were getting from Horse Racing. I was really suspicious when the Idaho press wrote an opinion against the prop, and what do you know the Indians, must have influenced the press’s editor, I wonder what the Indian Casino did to have a newspaper write such a negative opinion. Maybe a donation??? Something is really fishy folks!!!! I don’t know much about Horse Racing, but it appears to me that the Indian Casinos, and the Nevada boys don’t want any competition, and are afraid to let anyone compete with their monopoly! It also appears that those opposing interests are willing to do anything to stop an Idahoan from pulling a slot machine handle. I have been all the States that surround Idaho, and all of them have slots, why not Idaho, and control the money. It should go to schools.

Editor’s Note: The opinion opposing Proposition 1 came from the majority of editorial board members, who are members of the community, after much deliberation, debate and consideration of all the facts of the matter.


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