It’s King George weekend at Ascot and with rain forecast overnight it’s proving quite difficult to predict the likely winner. Thankfully we’ve got tipping superstars Paul Kealy, David Jennings and Paddy Power’s Frank Hickey on today’s show to point you in the right direction. The lads join Bruce Millington to preview the rest of the ITV action from Ascot and York as well as casting an eye forward to Goodwood and Galway next week

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Weekend Naps Keals – Escalator, 2.25 Ascot
DJ – Crystal Ocean, 3.40 Ascot
Frank – Flying Pursuit, 2.40 York

3.40 Ascot
Keals – Poets Word
DJ – Crystal Ocean
Frank – Poets Word

1.50 Ascot
Keals – Royal Intervention
DJ – The Mackem Bullet
Frank – Royal Intervention

2.25 Ascot
Keals – Escalator
DJ – George Of Hearts
Frank – George Of Hearts

3.00 Ascot
Keals – Ripp orf
DJ – Sabador & Chessman
Frank – Chessman & Sabador

2.05 York
Keals – Get Knotted
DJ – Get Knotted Frank – Cultuarti

2.40 York
Keals –
DJ – Golden Apollo
Frank – Flying Pursuit

3.15 York
Keals – Thundering Blue
DJ –
Frank – Fabricate
Producer – Jack McCarron
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