THE Ba Horse Race committee held its first competition for the season at the newly renovated facility at Namosau in Ba yesterday.

The event was sponsored by the Minister for Local Government, Housing, Community Development, Infrastructure and Transport Parveen Bala. Ba Horse Race committee Dip Narayan said the tracks had been extended.

He said new railings had also been constructed around the track perimeter.

“A total of 29 races were held with 98 horses participating,” Narayan said.

“We are grateful to Bala for supporting the sport. Horses from Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka and Ba participated. The initial track was about 660 metres and it has now increased to 800 metres.

“Horse racing in Ba attracts a lot of interest and we had a very good turnout. The plan is to hold more races in the coming months.”

In one of the feature one mile races, Rocky ridden by jockey Mohammed Irfan defeated Dynakil ridden by Shahil Sharma.


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