In our world, Horse racing is known as most expensive sports and its fans, participants, owners; betters all keep their eyes on every race event. But sometime some magical appearance happens on race tracks, which changes the face of the race which makes them more interesting. Here are some world’s richest horse racing events.

It is one of the most expensive horse race in today’s world. Its total fund prize is US$16m with US$1m of slots. It 1800m fastest dirt race takes place in Florida last time. The entry is restricted for 4 years old or above mares and colts.

It’s a 2000m dirt race with an award winning price of US $10m. It is hosted by United Arab Emirates. This race attracts participants as 4 years old or less in Northern Areas and 3 years old or older in Southern Areas.

In 2017, a new race comes to this world which takes place in top 10 most expensive horse races with a winning price of US$10m while surpassing Melbourne Cup and becomes most expensive horse race in Australia. It contains an entry fee of $600,000 for each slot from 12 slots which can be sold to buyer, trainer, and owner or to others.

  • The Breeder’s Cup Classic

The Breeders’ Cup is 4th most expensive horse race which generates an amount of $6 million as winning prize. It allows a collection of 3 years old or above, thoroughbred race on this event with a racing distance of 1.5 Miles.

  • Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is the first turf race in the list of most expensive races. It’s a 2400m race which contains finest collections of thoroughbreds from   the UK, Ireland and continental Europe with a winning value around US$5.5m, which are distributed between top five finishers.

This race is also famously known as Tokyo Yushun. It is the 2nd richest race in turf category with a winning amount of $5.2m. It run over a distance of 1.4 miles and it is open to 3 years old and above. But this race allows only Japanese or some foreign bred or trained horses for participation.

Dubai Truf is world 3rd richest truf horse race which contains a prize value of $5 million and hosted by Dubai World Cup Night. This race contains a length of 1.1 miles and held at the Meydan Racecourse. It is open to all horses of 3 years old or above from Southern Hemisphere and 4 years old or above from Northern Hemisphere.

This race event also offers $5 million prize fund as the other Dubai truf race. It’s a 1.4 miles race which is held at the Meydan turf course.  

Australia’s Melbourne Cup is known as world richest handicap flat race which has a prize amount of $6.2 million. This race also has a popular tag line ‘race that stops a nation’ due to its fever in nation.

It’s like an unofficial championship which contains top racehorses from UK and United States. This race has a winning prize fund of $4 million, and this amount makes it planet’s richest turf race for 4-year-old and above.  It contains an run over distance of 4 mile and only those can participate, who have completed world’s top truf races, including the English and Irish Champion Stakes.


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