This missive is to lend support to the editorial board’s call for a “NO” vote on horse racing slot machines (Our View, 09/02/2018). Why? Because, citing the figures stated in the board’s opinion of approximately $88 million of generated revenue and only $600,000 being sent to support the schools is a mediocre return on investment. To clarify, the schools only get a measly 0.68%, (Zero Point Sixty-Eight Percent) of the total generated revenue.

While the schools would benefit, albeit only slightly, from those funds, the only real beneficiaries are the horse racing venues and other entities that run the horse racing betting program. I could support this program if the schools received a substantially higher share of the total generated revenue.

So, come November, I will cast a “NO” vote unless the schools will receive a greater benefit from this endeavor. I urge others to weigh the mere pittance the schools would receive versus the revenues generated and vote accordingly.


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