A horse and his jockey took a terrifying tumble during a steeplechase race Saturday in New Zealand and, with the jockey looking for all the world like a trick rider, both recovered in time to win the race.

Aaron Kuru didn’t so much fight for control of Des De Jeu as he did hang on for dear life in the Maiden Steeplechase at Awapuni, and both horse and rider supplied some pretty amazing video.

The 5-year-old gelding fell on his stomach, and Kuru slipped out of the saddle. Holding onto the reins, he climbed aboard as the horse came to his feet and ran down the favorite in the 3,200-meter race.

“It was his first start over the fences, and he probably landed a bit steep and just went down,” Kuru explained (via the New Zealand Herald). “I don’t really know and can’t explain it, as it just sort of happened. I got back on, and he drew himself back into the race. He’s got plenty of ability.”

Even the horse’s trainer was stunned.

“We thought he wasn’t a bad sort of an animal but, after the first fence, I wasn’t giving him too much of a chance,” Mark Oulaghan said. “I was amazed [Kuru] got back on, as I thought he was gone.”

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